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Tre Capelli is a family-owned hair salon that’s been in business since 1976. We specialize in men’s and women’s cuts and hair coloring. Our friendly team is passionate about making sure you leave our salon happy with your new look.

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Men’s Haircut

Men’s haircuts involve shaping the hair on top and trimming the sides and back, while the popular fade style gradually tapers the hair from short to longer towards the top. A Child’s haircut follows a similar style to adults, with a focus on creating a clean and neat appearance, and may incorporate fades and trendy styles suitable for their age.

$26 | Fade – $30 | Beard Trim – $5 | Child – $20

Women’s Haircut

Women’s hairstyles commonly entail the process of cutting and forming the hair to produce a chic and flexible appearance, encompassing a wide range of styles from short pixie cuts to long layered cuts. Similarly, a Child’s hairstyle is fashioned with the same basic styles as Adults, concentrating on producing a fun and appropriate look for their age such as braids, ponytails, and layered cuts.

$40 | Wash, Cut & Style – $50+ | Child – $20

Colour & Highlights

Coloring and highlighting are hair coloring techniques used to change the natural hair color or add dimension to the hair. Coloring involves applying a single hair color all over the head, while highlighting involves adding lighter or darker streaks of color to create dimension and depth.

Colours – $85+ | Highlights – $150+